Panasonic HPX 2700 Camera…shoots 24, 25, 30fps,

variable speed 1-60fps,

1080i, 720p High Definition.

2 64GIG  cards,  remote paint box, zoom control,

Panasonic on board monitor, Marshall on board

monitor, 17” Panasonic AC/DC monitor, 26” Panasonic

AC monitor.  Fujinon 6.3-101mm lens. filters, batteries,

focus control accessories, tripod, hi hat. Lectronics in

slot wireless receiver, 2 transmitters with 4 Sanken lav

mikes. AKG shotgun mike with wireless capability.

Sony DSR 500 WS Camera….Standard Definition using

Mini DV or DVCAM tapes.

Canon 9-162mm Lens, zoom control, remote paint Box,

Panasonic on-board monitor, 9” AC/DC field Monitor,

14” Studio monitor, Tripod, Hi Hat.




2 Fisher LED Lite Panels AC/DC

2 Dedo 120v lamps

1 Z light

1 Barger light with Chimera

1 Rololight MED

2 Kino Flo Diva’s

Kino Flo Interview Kit 2 2’ 2 bank 1 2’ 4 bank

Kino Flo Gaffer Kit  2 4’4 bank

Various Mole Richardson 1k’s, 2k’s,

Assortment of dimmers, gags, specialties




California Sun Bounce Portable 8’x 8’ diffusion, 2x 3’x5’

frames with diffusion.

Hollywood Microdolly Jib Arm, 3’ to 9’

Hollywood Microdolly Car Mount kit

Matthews Hostess tray and hood mount.

Indie Dolly with 9’ straight track, 9’ curved

Kangaroo saddlebags, large and small

6×8, 12×12 green screen with frames

6×6 Village Blackout DIT Tent




Apple Mac Book Pro 17” Intel Core 2 Gig 2.33GHZ with

FCP 7 and related software

Mac Pro Intel Core Duel Core 1GB 2 GHZ   with FCP 7

and related software

2x 23” Apple Cinema Display’


Please e-mail us for any other equipment needs.

As a full service Production Company, We will tailor it to your needs

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